Yamada ryosuke and shida mirai dating

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Yamada ryosuke and shida mirai dating

They work together in Keito and Rin's dad's pet shop, Moto Pet Shop.

Amuse Entertainment has such huge success because of your amazing talent. He is excellent as a voice actor, I can compare him with Yoshino Hiroyuki.

Though they started their relationship not in the bakery store but in a park where Yamada played saxophone and Yuto was also there, obviously attracted. He himself wanted to become one but ended up as baker.

Yuto would want to grant Yamada's dream to sing and perform at least for a moment.

I know we've been pretty much dead here in this comm... Kamiki appeared in a VTR for a show called Tuesday Surprise, and Shida was a studio guest in the same show. AND YOU COULD GIVE YOUR SUGGESTION TOO : D( ife Zero: The start, the first story, the first love, the tragic non-ending )Remember 7Faces?

(I haven't been using my livejournal orz I'm sorry) And there's barely been anything for us Kami Shi fans to nibble on. So basically, we don't have them working together together, but it still kinda works. Well, this basically was born through the same process!

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Title: Exam Room 5 Rating: Undetermined Genre: Romance Pairing: Yama-chan/OC/Reader Summary: Elliot, a fairly newly licensed veterinarian who works in an upscale clinic where she thoroughly enjoys her wonderful, if not exhausting, job–though most of the time the pages of her diary feel the same day after day now–that is until the fateful moment she entered Exam Room 5 to treat a pati After his uncle's marriage, 18 years old Yamada Ryosuke decided to move out from his uncle's house where he lived for five years after his mother's death.

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