Updating cell phone range

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PRL stands for Preferred Roaming List and is a database used in CDMA (think Sprint and Verizon here) phones.It's built and provided by your carrier, and used when your phone is connecting to the tower.Now, scientists have found another way to put that talk time to work. Unfortunately, the complicated technology used by big cities to monitor traffic flow is expensive, putting it out of the reach of most local governments. Bad traffic's no longer a problem relegated to major metropolitan areas.The PRL is usually sent as an over-the-air update when needed, but often -- especially if you travel a lot -- it's necessary to manually update it.It's pretty easy to do: Android phones also have an option to update the PRL in most CDMA phones, you'll find that in the settings pages.Tap “Settings” and select the option to manage your “Time and Date” settings. Remove the batteries from your cell phone while it is still on. Once the batteries are replaced, the phone's time will update.Enable automatic updating of your cell phone's time. Try this method if your time still does not update after trying the other methods. Her articles have appeared on a variety of websites, covering technology, personal finance, music and health topics.

The functions of the models listed on the table are checked under certain conditions at the date of issue.

KCA-BT300/KCA-BT200 is compatible with the following profiles.

HFP (Hands-Free Profile) HSP (Headset Profile) * HSP may or may not be connectable from a cellphone to our Bluetooth device.

If this does not occur, you can update the phone's time manually.

In most instances, the solution is as simple as tweaking your phone's settings. Tap the “Menu” or “Start” key on your cell phone to view the expanded Home screen.

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By default, cell phones are set to automatically update the time as it changes.