Rus not updating new users

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Rus not updating new users

Browsers typically re-request a 307 page every time, cache a 302 page for the session, and cache a 301 page for longer, or even indefinitely.

Search engines typically transfer "page rank" to the new location for 301 redirects, but not for 302, 303 or 307.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade && sudo apt-get install -y -u apache2 nginx memcached mysql-server php5 php5-mysql php-pear nodejs upstart && sudo pear channel-discover pear.&& sudo pear install -Z phing/phing Do not edit file config.ini! For example, if you want to change My SQL configuration, then create a file Middleware Stalker interface uses the following locales: Russian (RU), English (EN), Ukrainian (UK), Polish (PL), Greek (EL), Italian (IT), German (DE), Slovenian (SK), Spanish (ES).

If you want to change some settings - create file and add the necessary configuration. In default Stalker deducts the current localization variable from the main software and install the interface localization according to it's variable. Multicast streams should be available on the “Storage” define('VIDEO_STORAGE_DIR', '/media/raid0/storage/'); define('KARAOKE_STORAGE_DIR', '/media/raid0/karaoke/'); define('RECORDS_DIR', '/media/raid0/records/'); define('NFS_HOME_PATH', '/media/raid0/mac/'); // Use login and password from the configuration file.

To enable this option it is necessary to add in server/custom.ini: After this all new STBs will have status OFF in admin interface.

Stalker allows you to differentiate the access to the portal based on set-top box model.

The list of all models that are allowed access, is described in parameter Simple authorization Access to portal organization for new STBs using login&password.

Portal admin creates login&password and provide them to user.

When using PHP to output an image, it won't be cached by the client so if you don't want them to download the image each time they reload the page, you will need to emulate part of the HTTP protocol.

The latest version of DIANA is available for download here by customers with valid contracts. the software will not work unless it is accompanied by a license key provided by our sales team.

DIANA 10.1 for Windows ( zip file 530MB - diadate 6-jun-2017 ) DIANA 10.1 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux ( file 641MB - diadate 6-jun-2017 ) DIANA 10.1 Manuals (zip file 97.9MB) FX for DIANA (282MB - date 22-october-2014) For users of earlier versions of DIANA and legacy products like FX for DIANA and FEMGV, current contract holders will have been provided an FTP account (inc.

Mozilla is a global, non-profit organization dedicated to making the Web better.

We emphasize principle over profit, and believe that the Web is a shared public resource to be cared for, not a commodity to be sold.

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The executables in this zip file are for Windows systems.