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Centuries of innovation, creation, and refinement have gone into the hearts and souls of some of these most memorable Japanese works of art. Although there are differing organization patterns of each level according to different customs in Eastern and Western Japan, every level is organized in the same way from top to bottom.Here is a guide all about the history, styles, and idiosyncrasies of these traditional Japanese figurines. The first level holds the imperial dolls, the second level holds the three-court ladies, the third level holds the five male musicians, the fourth level holds the two ministers, and the final level holds the three helpers, or samurai.One of Japan's biggest Hina Matsuri doll festivals is held at Konosu, Saitama from mid-February to March 3, Girls' Day.

Hina dolls are associated with Hinamatsuri, or Girl’s Day, which is every year on March 3rd. They are representations of warriors depicting historical moments of Japan’s martial past.

It is a day to pray for the health and wellbeing of young girls.

It’s celebrated through displaying a set of often very ornate and beautiful dolls which portray the royal court of the Heian Period (794 to 1185).

It is also called “Momo no sekku (Peach Festival)” because of the peach blossom season on the old lunar calendar.

May 5th is “Kodomo no hi (Children’s Day),” and this is so called “Boy’s Festival.” While Children’s Day is a national holiday, Hinamatsuri is not.

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These paradoxical figures of feudal adornment and childishness are often made from the same material as Hina Dolls.

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