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Dating friend profile

Now there’s a dating site where you can sing his praises to potential partners.The site, called “Jess, Meet Ken” works like this: A woman creates a profile for a man she likes but isn’t interested in dating.University of New South Wales Sydney researchers asked 100 college students which of 12 pictures of themselves they'd use for their Facebook, Linked In, and online dating profiles.They also asked them which photos they'd pick for in a positive light, that's where your friends may come in handy.Suffice to say, we spent many a lazy Tuesday evening or hungover Sunday morning watching episode after episode of the Central Perk gang. I’m too young to remember “The Rachel” hairstyle when it was in its prime, but thanks to those DVDs I can quote the character nearly verbatim.

Will our children really want to watch a TV show in which the characters do nothing but stare at their phones all day? Name: Monica Geller Location: the cleanest kitchen Occupation: Chef I am… Other women check out these profiles and, if any of the guys catch their eye, they contact the user who posted the profile to learn more about that man.If all goes well, the middle woman can introduce them.As a single woman living on the opposite side of the country from the rest of her family, my friends have become more than that: They’re the family I chose. We lean on each other for everything: work advice, delicate money questions, political ranting and raving, boutique fitness class recommendations … Beyond their obligatory role as “a shoulder to cry on,” your female friends are the not-so-secret weapon you can use to distill your best self into your dating profile.Being smart, successful, and wonderfully empathetic people, each of your girlfriends’ careers and professions probably give them special knowledge and skills they can use to help you be a better dater (and hopefully a better partner, too).

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