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Example: analyzing the effects of air pollution on tree growth by studying changes in ring widths over time.The science that uses tree rings to date earth surface processes that created, altered, or shaped the landscape.Today, however, the Standard tells you how you may never have to pay another railway penalty fare again.Penalty fares - 20 years old this month - began life under British Rail as a reasonable deterrent to fare-dodging.

The science that uses tree rings to date and study past and present changes in glaciers.Example: dating the tree rings of a beam from a ruin in the American Southwest to determine when it was built.The science that uses tree rings to study present climate and reconstruct past climate.Another, Stagecoach's South West Trains, sparked outrage when it started judging its guards' job performance by the number of penalty fare warnings they issued.Many passengers complain of a "take-no-prisoners" attitude, even where travellers have good reasons for not buying a ticket and every intention of paying.

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But for some of the privatised rail companies, these £20 fines for not having a ticket have become nice little earners in their own right.

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