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Peyton and Brooke had ducked when the bullet went off and everyone was running around them and over them. Mouth walks out of the AV room and scares Lucas and Nathan. Lucas explains what is going on and Mouth opts to stay with the Scotts. I'll take care of you, Brooke.""I'm scared, Haley," Brooke tells her friend weakly."Me too, Brooke," Haley says, hugging Brooke closer to her.--"Nathan! ""I know, but it's the best I've got," Nate yells, looking at his brother, fear for his wife in his eyes. Books and backpacks are on the floor; forgotten in the rush to get out of the school so quickly. She wasn't so sure he was actually ready to hear what she had to say to him, not while he was still so hung up on her best friend. It was something he often felt when he was around Peyton. " she stopped dribbling the ball and approached him. " Brooke smiled seductively, forcing herself to act This was the only Brooke anyone knew. She pressed her body against him, her arms snaking around his neck. But I have a better idea." Lucas gently pushed her away and walked passed her, the basketball in his hands. Boldly, he asked for her help, but what could she have possibly done to help things? She was both, hesitant and nervous to answer his question. It was a constant reminder of what she didn't have but wanted. We need to talk." She was angry as her arms flew to cross her chest. They are played by Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray.

Abby wants them to still have these feelings so they can have chemistry for the dance, so she has Diane and Kelly set them on a date.

Unfortunately, the date doesn't go well, so they didn't cooperate well for the dance.

They ended up not placing at all, and the two don't end up together.

Brooke and Brandon were set up on a date in Love on the Dance Floor so they would have chemistry in the group number "Snapshot", but they did not end up together in the end of episode, nor did the group dance place.

Brandon visits the dance studio with his mother, Diane, to help Abby with the latest group number.

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It is unknown what will happen in later episodes, as Brandon did not return for season one.

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