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Because it’s one thing to attract a man who thinks you’re “hot”, “a perfect 10”, or thinks you are just FAGT (‘For a Good Time’), but it’s another to attract several higher quality men to choose from, and then to truly fulfill one high quality man (who is worth it) forever, who will have attraction for you .(See my article on why men aren’t attracted to you… )There’s no doubt about it; there are plenty of good looking women out there, especially good looking women who are willing to ‘put themselves out there’, to get some cheap attention. By attractive I mean the kind of woman many men want because she’s so delicately beautiful, genuine, authentic, magnetic, sexy, compassionate and exciting. The signals of fertility, of femininity and of reproductive value.If one more man says he is looking for his soul mate, I think I will scream.

People who are engaged in online dating often read hundreds of profiles, and to be honest at some point they can all start to sound alike.Creating your online dating persona might be the most difficult step in attracting the right men.Do you share what you think men want to hear or do you share what you think will screen out the undesirables and screen in the desirables? You need good bait to attract and catch the type of fish you really want.Some guys think they need to have a funny online dating profile. So start out with something that makes it look like you’re already friends… You’re looking to show her that you’re confident, enjoying life, picky, and fun. I just want them to get attracted and curious and email me. You want your profile to be fun and conversational.

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If you want to be good looking, and surface level attractive, sure, there are plenty of men out there who will be willing to stuff around and be there just FAGT. Think about it from your own perspective for a minute: have you ever seen (on the street, on television or in a movie), that kind of man who stands tall, is confident, genuine, masculine, charming, strong and centered, totally present with you when you’re talking to him; the kind of man who is not willing to take anyone’s crap? But can you even imagine him, if you can’t think of one you’ve met before? I mean, people talk about how men need to be tall, dark and handsome.

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